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Reducing crime in the community

In the UK and as the world gets smaller, the social and interaction gap between neighbours widens. We no longer know our neighbour's name or what they do for a living. News is delivered on a national scale and even local gossip is reduced to celebrity talk from continents afar. Whatever happened to curtain twitches and gossip from number 59 over the fence?

You may wonder what the opening paragraph has to do with crime in the community. It could be said that while communities, by their very nature, obviously still exist. The way the people within a community distance themselves from each other, makes crime an easier task for the individual criminal.

An attentive and caring community or neighbour will be wary of strangers or activity near their home. They will care if they see someone shoplift or break into a car. Either intervening or making a call to the police - best course of action. While Neighbourhood watches continue to exist and thrive, many are too busy to take notice of their local surrounds.

Crime in the community affects everyone within it. This website is all about you and your community and the effects crime has on you. Even if you are not the victim of a criminal act you can feel the effects. Property prices go down, an area may not be safe to walk through, elderly people stay indoors and insurance costs go up.

If there is crime in the community it effects all within it. Let's find out how to combat that crime, deter criminals and make our local environment a better, safer, happier place to live in.

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